Housing Resource Centre
for Newcomers to Canada

Who are our Clients?

The focus of New Journey Housing is on newcomers, regardless of their immigration status or arrival date in Canada. We also serve as a resource centre for those who sponsor, support and house newcomers.

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Are You a Newcomer?

New Journey Housing defines "newcomer" as anyone who has recently moved to Canada. If you see yourself as a newcomer, you are welcome to utilize our resources and training as sources of support as you search for a home.

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Planning to Move to Winnipeg?

It is better to find a place to live once you have actually arrived here in Winnipeg. However, it is good to have as much information as possible, even before you arrive!

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2,000 Syrian refugees coming to Manitoba soon!

To offer your donations or to volunteer, call the Red Cross
Syrian Refugee Info Line 1-888-662-3211.

We appreciate your support!

If you are a sponsor of incoming refugees, contact us if you need to:

  • find housing
  • apply for rent supplements
  • train on tenancy rules and responsibilities

If you are a person wanting to help in housing, contact us if you need to:

  • learn to become a landlord
  • find a tenant

Our services are all free!

See media report on Syrian Refugees here.

Featured Workshop: How to Prepare Your Taxes

 If you are renting and would like to know how you can  benefit on tax credits and other related information, come  and learn how. 

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Our Website is under Reconstruction

We are constructing a new website at this time. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try to help you.

Thank you for your patience!

An Enhanced Rent Assist Program Now in Effect!

The Manitoba government made an official announcement of an enhanced Rent Assist Program effective December 1st, 2015. The program will provide better benefits for families and individuals who pay more than 25 percent of their income on rent.

Minister Kevin Chief gave his remarks in an event hosted by New Journey Housing.

To view the Rent Assist fact sheets and the new Rent Assist Estimator, click here. Download  the application form.

View photos of the announcement here.

New Buying a Home in Manitoba Booklet available!

 Download free copy here.

 After reading the booklet, we greatly encourage you to attend our free  home purchasing workshop to put all information together.

 Contact us to make an appopointment!

 To order copies, visit MIRSSA website. There is $1 cost-recovery  donation per copy.

 Read a feature article in Winnipeg Free Press about the booklet here.

Renting a Home in Manitoba Booklet

   Visit New Journey Housing to get a free copy of Renting a Home in Manitoba or  download a copy.

  The booklet covers information about finding a home to rent and all the rules
   about living in a rental home.

   The booklet was made in partnership with Literacy Partners of Manitoba,
   MIRSSA, Welcome Place, IRCOM, Winnipeg Rental Network, Manitoba
   government and New Journey Housing.

Making Your Money Work Booklet

Learn how money can work for you

The Making Your Money Work booklet is a good reading to understand how to
earn, spend, save, invest, borrow money and many more!

Download this booklet or come to New Journey Housing to get free copies.

Attend a budgeting workshop at New Journey Housing for a full classroom

Contact us now!

Bed Bug Resources

Bed bugs are a problem in Winnipeg and in many communities. Visit Bite Back Winnipeg to get good information about them.

    Watch video Dealing with Bedbugs in 21 different languages
     and learn how to prepare your apartment or house for bed bug

     This is courtesy of North Point Productions.

     Learn more.

Great Video About Why Housing Matters

Here is a great video by ReThink about why public housing matters and how it's made a difference in many lives. Watch it HERE


Budgeting Workshop
Tue, Feb 9th, 2016
Home Purchasing Workshop
Thu, Feb 11th, 2016
Rental Workshop
Fri, Feb 12th, 2016
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