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Our Clients

New Journey Housing clients are newcomers to Canada, regardless of their immigration status or arrival date in Canada.


Read our clients' housing stories here:


What our clients say after attending our workshops and meeting with a Housing Advisor.

September 2016
Thanks so much for all your programs that really help new comers settle fast concerning housing. When I came to Winnipeg, I attended your various programs at New Journey Housing which really helped me in getting my house  so fast. Good job to you guys. You are really helping the new comers.‚Äč
-Agboola Adenike

April 2016
Hi Azarias and New journey Housing,

This presentation that you brought to Altona was excellent. Thank you so much to Azarias and New Journey housing for the partnership and services you offer even in the rural parts of Manitoba. Well done.

We have some ideas already on how to involve your expertise again on Buying a House. We will look for a good date in the next month and give you a call.

Thank you again,

Cindy Klassen,
Integration Worker, Regional Connections
Altona, Manitoba


From our students at workshops done at various settlement agencies:

" I would like to thank you both for coming to our class to offer the workshops on rentals and budgeting. I got so many ideas for achieving our goals."

" I am so happy to be given the information about renting... such as be careful when signing contracts and to ask about the included things. Also, we have to be friends with the landlord and respect our environment."

" I learned that I should make shopping lists before I go to superstore and keep every receipt."

" Thanks again, you also helped me to teach my children and make spending plans for our future."

"Anyone who is seriously thinking about buying a house should first come and attend your home purchasing workshop. It's a must!"