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Our Social Media Guidelines

New Journey Housing – Social Media Guidelines

New Journey Housing (NJH) uses Facebook, Instagram and the NJH website in order to carry out and promote the work of NJH. Social media helps NJH reach out to clients both here in Winnipeg, outside the city and even before arriving in Canada. Because social media are important aspects of the public face of NJH, it is essential that their use is consistent with the vision and mission of NJH.

Vision of NJH: to reduce the challenges newcomers to Canada face as they seek to attain and retain decent affordable housing in Manitoba with a priority in Winnipeg.  We believe that newcomers should have the same access to housing as any other established resident. With a good home, newcomers are able to set a stronger foundation for themselves

Mission of NJH: To provide resources to train, assist, and support newcomers to Canada, and those who support them, through the process of attaining and retaining decent affordable housing in Manitoba.


Social media are to be used solely to promote the objectives and work of NJH.

While NJH works with all levels of government to highlight to ongoing need for various housing options for newcomers to Canada, the social media content will remain non-partisan.

Social Media Management

The decision to establish social media accounts must be approved by the Executive Director but the ongoing management of platforms will be delegated out by the Executive Director. Furthermore, the NJH staff responsible for a platform will make decisions about what to ‘like’ and ‘share’, keeping in mind the vision and mission of NJH. The Executive Director will monitor all platforms on a regular basis to ensure compliance with NJH guidelines.  We must always remember who will be seeing our posts and re-post and ensure that anything on our platforms must be relevant to our audience and followers.

Where the public is able to participate in online discussions (e.g., Facebook, comment areas on blogs, etc.), NJH shall publish and enforce community guidelines to ensure that this participation is in keeping with NJH mission and vision.

All social media accounts must be monitored, by staff, on a daily basis to ensure that community guidelines are being followed.

While social media provide powerful communications tools they also provide opportunities for play. This is especially true of Facebook. At all times, staff logged into NJH accounts must refrain from participating in activities unrelated to the business of the NJH (e.g., games, contests, quizzes, gambling, etc.).

Community Guidelines

Where the public is allowed to post material on NJH social media, the following community guidelines will be published:

New Journey Housing welcomes your comments. In return, we ask that you follow our community guidelines. In general, we ask that you be respectful of the rights of others, accurate in your statements and that you comment on issues that matter to NJH.

The following types are posts are prohibited:

  • Material that infringes on the rights of any third party, including intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights
  • Material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, or hateful
  • Spam (which may include advertisements, solicitations of business, chain letters as well as  posting the same message more than once)

NJH reserves the right to remove any post for any reason and to bar anyone who violates our community guidelines.

Support for other organizations and their initiatives

In general, NJH wishes to support the social media initiatives of other community organizations and social service agencies in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada. Support may include “sharing” or “liking” activities and products promoted by like-minded agencies and promoting their events. The following considerations apply:

  • Promotions of events must include the name and contact information of the sponsor.
  • Promotion of commercial activities should not normally be considered unless it is intended to benefit community, nonprofit organizations.
  • Promotion of political parties should not by undertaken
  • Promotion of political events should only be undertaken if the organizers have made a credible attempt to open the event to participation by all political parties.

NJH Staff and Personal Social Media

NJH staff members are permitted to have personal social media accounts. However, they are not permitted to access these accounts while at work or to use them to conduct NJH business. If they choose to identify themselves in their account profiles as employees of the NJH, their online conduct must be consistent with the values set out in the NJH Social Media Guidelines.

Privacy and Sharing of Photos

From time to time NJH will post and share photos from events that are being attended or moments that happen between staff and clients. In any case, verbal consent must be attained before posting a photo of any individual. No individuals will be ‘tagged’ in the photos. In the case where children (under 18 years of age) are directly in the photo, written consent must be obtained from the parents prior to posting onto any social media platform. In cases where photos are taken in large group settings and in public spaces, consent is not required

Before posting any photos it is important to remember that it will be on the internet forever and the privacy of anyone we work with must be considered and treated with great importance and respect.