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Landlord Guides

Information for Landlords in Manitoba

If you are a new landlord or would like to rent out to newcomers to Canada, below are some information to guide you.

 What Manitoba Landlords Need to Know is a booklet to help landlords run a smooth business. It presents landlords' rights and responsibilities including:

 1. first step for new landlords
 2. finding the right tenant
 3. things to know about starting a tenancy
 4. information during tenancy
 5. information at the end of a tenancy


 The Residential Tenancies Branch or RTB helps investigate, mediate, and
 make decisions on disputes between tenant and landlords regarding
 - security deposits
 - repairs
 - the terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement
 - notices to move, including notice for non-payment of rent
 - privacy and payment of utility bills

Click here to visit RTB webpages for landlords.

View the Landlord's Guide before renting out a property.

 The Winnipeg Rental Network provides information for landlords
 called Landlord Guide, a simplified explanation of some key aspects of renting
 in Manitoba. Click here to get there. 


 For quick notes about the following, click a printable page here.
- deposits
 - rent increase
 - right of entry
 - ending tenancy
 - landlord and tenant responsibilities.