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Bed Bugs and Other Pests

Information about Solving Pest Problems

 DailyPest has information about bedbugs--what they are, how they look like, how they reproduce, and such. 



  Bite Back gives you information on what to do to avoid bringing bedbugs in your home, and tips on ridding yourself of them if  ever you get them.



House pests can be bed bugs, ants, flies, moths, mites, and many more. To ask the experts about how to deal with your house pests, visit Pest Control Canada.  You may also ask the experts to identify the insect that you find in your home.

Province of Manitoba Bed Bug Resources

  • Gives you information about bed bugs, how to prevent, and how to get rid of them when you have them.
  • For bed bug fact sheets that are translated into 17 different languages click HERE.
  • Bed Bug Hotline for questions about bed bugs: 1-855-362-2847 or email
  • Preparation for Bed Bug treatment guide - Click on the file at the bottom of the page to download a well illustrated guide on how to prepare your home for bed bug treatment. It is very important to understand how to get ready for an exterminator to come and spray for bed bugs.


For people who are looking for a store selling bedbug prevention materials, visit

Store Front
Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews
823 Ellice Avenue
Tel. 204-774-7005

They sell mattress covers, box spring covers, and interceptor traps for different types and sizes of beds. 


  • There are a series of videos for newcomers about living in Canada
  • The "Dealing with Bed Bugs" video shows you how to prepare your home for bed bug treatment. It is also available in 13 languages!
  • When you get to the website select "downloads" and then select the video that you want to watch.