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Public or Subsidized Housing

Where to search for public or subsidized housing

Public and subsidized housing can be considered the most affordable type of housing. People who choose this housing need to be eligible to apply. Because housing units are limited for this type of housing, eligible applicants will be put in a waitlist until a unit becomes available.

 Manitoba Housing is the largest supplier of public housing being provided by Manitoba government. It has its own application and it can take 1-3 years before you are   offered a unit. Get application form.

 Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation is a non-profit charitable corporation that offers housing units that are mostly downtown, west-end, and north-end Winnipeg. Get   application form.

SAM Management is a not-for-profit property management corporation that works with organizations that offer subsidized housing. Get application form.

IRCOM House is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organization managing buildings for newcomers in Canada. Get application form.

 Murdoch Management is a corporation that offers property management for not-for-profit organizations owning affordable housing units. See affiliated organizations'  application forms.

New Journey Housing can help you apply for housing with any of these agencies.

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