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Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB)

Know about rental regulations and find help on your rental problems

 The Residential Tenancies Branch or RTB helps investigate, mediate, and
 make decisions on disputes between tenant and landlords regarding
 - security deposits
 - repairs
 - the terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement
 - notices to move, including notice for non-payment of rent
 - privacy and payment of utility bills


RTB also sets the yearly rent increases. It administers the Residential Tenancies Act, the Life Leases Act, and the Condominium Act in Manitoba.

Contact RTB if you have complaints about your rental or you want to know about rent increases.

Read the RTB Guideline for dealing with different situations on:

» claims for compensation
» hearings
» landlord and tenant responsibilities
» mediation
» non-payment of utilities
» notices of termination
» orders of possession
» privacy
» recovery of filing fees, costs and interest
» rent regulation
» repairs
» security deposits
» tenancy agreements

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