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Beyond the Perimeter: Winnipeg to Portage la Prairie

Not everyone wants the hustle and bustle of the city life. For many newcomers to Canada the shock and drastic difference of living in a city versus the smaller communities they once lived in can be life altering. We hear from newcomer clients that they do not understand how they have not met their neighbours and how everyone seems so busy yet no one is talking to one another. This busy yet individual lifestyle is not what some people and families are looking for. The advantages of moving to a smaller city or town are definitely appealing to some families.

Newcomer family buys first home!

Eric, Francine and their family of 8 came to Canada a short 19 months ago. Those 19 months have been full – to say the least.  In this time they have felt their first cold Winnipeg winter, they have moved 3 times, welcomed a new baby into the world, found employment in multiple jobs, and they have bought their first home in Canada.

Top 4 Reasons to get Tenants Insurance

Over the holidays, there were 2 large fires in Winnipeg’s west end and this reminded me of the need for renters to have tenant's insurance. A misconception for many renters is that the building insurance that the landlord has will cover any personal loss during a fire or other emergency. This is NOT TRUE. The insurance that the owner of the building has will not cover any personal belongings of the tenants.

Below I will outline the Top 4 reasons all tenants should have tenant insurance.

#1 Damages to personal belongings

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