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How we do electronic drop-off & pick-up tax filing

Hello newcomer* client:

To file your taxes by electronic drop-off & pick-up at New Journey Housing, you will need to have internet access at home, have an email account, and some skills in uploading and downloading documents.

Here are 5 steps to do e-drop-off & pick-up tax filing:

1. send us an email at to inform us that you are interested in this method of tax filing. Give us your telephone number so we could verify your identity. We will initiate a video call with you via Whatsapp or Facetime. 

2. we will reply to your email that will contain (1) a Microsoft Sharepoint folder link and (2) two tax forms: (i) the drop off intake form, and (ii) TIS60 form. Print out the forms and fill in. Each spouse should sign 1 TIS60 form individually.

If you do NOT have printer at home, fill in the intake form electronically on your computer, and email us saying that you "confirm giving New Journey Housing permission to file your 2019 tax returns". Make sure to indicate your full name in the email.

When signing the TIS60 form, fill in Parts A, B, and D only and write "2019" on the upper right corner box -- this form is the authorization you are giving NJH to file your tax. One TIS60 per adult.

3. scan or take photo of all your tax documents. These include the drop-off intake form, the TIS60 forms, + whatever tax document you have. You do NOT need to scan every single receipt. Please check this link to see which are important documents you should scan.

4. UPLOAD all scanned documents on the link that we provided to you in step 2, and email us that you did. We may need to call you to clarify your submissions.

5. Wait for our email informing you that we have finished filing your taxes. This email will provide you with another Microsoft Sharepoint link to download your Income Tax Summary 2019. Please download and save your Tax Summaries 2019 ASAP to your own computer and confirm that you already did. Once confirmed, NJH will delete your documents that you sent to us in step 4. 

If there are any issues along the way please do not hesitate to contact NJH.

If you have questions, feel free to call our office at 204-942-2238. New Journey Housing staff are working from home.

Thank you.

-New Journey Housing staff

*we consider newcomers to be those who were NOT born in Canada, no matter how long they have been living in Canada.