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What documents are needed to file tax returns at New Journey Housing


New Journey Housing is taking part in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program 2020. You must have a simple tax situation to be eligible to our free tax filing service. To learn what simple tax is, click here:

Below is a list of documents we need to help you file your 2019 taxes. You may not have all of them, but scan those that you have. Please see note at the bottom of the list for additional info.

1. Manitoba health card

2. If you were employed or receiving pension — T4 slips

3. If you were on EIA or social assistance — T5007 slip

4. If you had RRSP contributions, investments or interest income — T5 slips or RRSP contribution slip

5. If you were enrolled in a college or university or any education institution in Canada — T2202 slip — this slip includes student loan and all school-related expenses such as books, labs, etc.

6. Medical or dental expenses (receipts) for the whole family – basically includes prescribed medicines, eyeglasses, dental work. For further info, visit CRA website:

7. Disability tax credit/ MB Caregiver credit — letter from MB Government

8. Child care receipts — name and address of licensed daycare centre

9. Charitable donations receipts

10. Rent receipts and landlord contact information

11. Rent Assist Notice

12. Bank void cheque for setting up direct deposit of refund and other benefits such as GST Credit, Canada Child Benefit, etc.

13. Notice of Assessment 2018 letter from CRA — you got this from the mail when you filed your 2018 taxes

14. if you bought your 1st house in 2019 — Statement of Adjustment from your lawyer & the property tax bill.

15. TIS60 for each adult – signed and “2019” written on the upper right corner box

16. electronic drop-off Intake form – filled out as much as you can, but if you have questions and need help, call us at 204-942-2238 or email us at


We do not need you to scan your medical / dental receipts. We only need the total amounts on your 2019 receipts. We will not check the correct amounts you indicate on the intake form related to all your expense, so be responsible for accuracy. Click here for Canada Revenue Agency instructions on what medical/dental expense you may claim:


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